Input / output module with MP-BUS communication

I/O modules MP24-AIO


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Input / output module with MP-BUS communication

I/O modules MP24-AIO


Module for MP-BUS communication that is designed for reading up to 4 elements and with 2 analog outputs. 

Using the MP24-AIO, the values of individual sensors (or switches) connections are read and their value is digitized and transmitted to the superior system using the MP-BUS. From the point of view of MP-BUS communication, the device behaves like 4 drives in the MP-BUS network, with the fact that only the value of the selected connected sensor is used. At the same time, it is possible to use two analog outputs 0..10 V, which can be controlled similarly to the connected drive. Alternatively, all elements (inputs and outputs) can be read and written under only one MP address, via DataPools.

*The MP24-AIO module is a replacement and innovation of the original MP24-AI4 module.


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  • 4x active or passive sensors or switches
  • 2x analog output 0-10V
  • MP-BUS interface
  • prepared library for the WAGO and LOXONE control system
  • application MP_App for setting of MP addresses, inputs, outputs


Connecting the sensors

One element can be connected to each of the four inputs. This can be passive resistance sensors (Pt1000, Ni1000 or NTC), an active sensor (DC 0...10 V output) or a switching contact. Thus, the analog signal of the elements can be easily digitized and transmitted via the MP-BUS network via the MP24-AIO module.

Analog outputs

The MP24-AIO module has two analog outputs OUT1 and OUT2. These can be controlled via MP-BUS communication similarly to drives on individual two MP addresses. The command 0..100% then corresponds to the output 0..10 V. Alternatively, these outputs can be controlled via DataPools commands.

Application MP App

The Application MP App is a tool for configuration input / output MP24-AIO module. It clearly displays the information about device and their values, sets input types and enables firmware upgrades.

Displayable and configurable information in the MP App application: 

Information about device:

  • serial number
  • firmware version
  • hardware version

Analog outputs

  • current output voltage (in the range 0…10 V)
  • output value editor

Analog inputs

  • MP addresses (PP, MP1 … MP8)
  • current value (according to the selected type)
  • type of input value (see the table below)
  • MP address settings
  • address type settings

Analog inputs options

Type of measurement
Range of values




Voltagefrom 0 to 10 V


Resistance – range 1
from 100 Ω to 5 kΩ


Resistance – range 2
from 100 Ω to 60 kΩ


Switch status
1 (0–2 V); 0 (> 2 V)


Electric current
from 0 to 20 mA


Temperature sensor Pt 1000
from -40,0 to 220 °C


Temperature sensor Ni 1000 (Tk 5000)
from -40,0 to 220 °C


Temperature sensor Ni 1000 (Tk 6180)
from -40,0 to 220 °C

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